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First Day

Decided to keep this blog and write on it. I wrote this yesterday...

Well after a 20 hour drive I arrived at my grandparents farm this morning. The drive felt like it went pretty fast. When I pulled up to my Grandparents front door, I ran inside and hugged them both. It felt so good to see them. Grandpa had lost more weight since I had seen him last which was Christmas. Both looked like they had aged alot on the last 9 months.

I was shown my room for the time I would be staying and began making more comfortable.My Aunt made us dinner and my dad, grandpa and her sat down to eat, but grandma wasn't feeling well. She had stomach pain since the morning. After lunch my dad, my aunt, and me were in the kitchen when grandpa called us in and said grandma needed to be taken to the doctors. So my dad took her and we stayed home.

I went and took a nap, I was so tired. When I woke up it was supper time and my dad and grandma still weren't home. Grandpa said he was going to take us out for supper so we didn't make anything.

At the restaurant we got cheeseburgers and my dad began sending my messages on how grandma was doing. That's when grandpa said if he ever got that sick he hoped he would die. I pretty much started crying and asked him why and he said that there was no reason for him to stay. I told him yes, I needed him!

It turns out my grandma has circulation cut off from one of her kidneys so 50% of it is dead and that was causing pain. She will stay in the hospital tonight and should be alright, I pray.

Back at home (I will refer to the farm as home now since it will be for me until further notice) grandpa sat in his chair, which I learn occupies most of his time. My aunt then began showing me all I was to do...Prepare 3 meals a day, make sure grandpa takes all his medication, check his weight and if he is gaining be warry of fluid build-up in his lungs and check blood sugar and give insulin if needed, do daily chores, feed cats and dog, make sure both grandma and grandpa exercise, make 3 shakes for my night make sure all his pills are taken, set him on his oxygen, and rub his back and grandma's legs.

This along with taking them to doctors appointments, and checking his heart monitor, and changing the oxygen filter, etc.

This first day might have been overwhelming for some, but I feel a great peace and tremendous love for my grandparents. I want to be an encouragement to my grandpa especially...he is always making comment about dying and how I am taking care of him...I hope he can see I am truly happy to be here, because I am!

Right now I am in my room drinking tea and being very tired. Both my grandparents pretty much go to bed around 9pm and wake up at 8am. After my aunt leaves tomorrow and my dad next week I will be alone...please pray for me!
Will write more later...goodnight!

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