Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Promise of My Heart

Words and Music by:
Rachel Young
These words of my heart I must somehow say,
How often I think and pray for you everyday,
Wondering what you’re doing,
And how your life is going,
Hoping that you are somehow too,
Thinking of me as I am of you,
Because I love you.

This is the song I sing to you,
This is the promise of my heart,
Knowing that someday we will be together,
I will be true,
This is the promise of my heart.

This love that I have for you may seem strange,
To people of this world who exchange,
Their empty love.
Though we have yet to meet,
I promise to be pure,
Although I may meet others and still not be sure,
I will be true only to you,
Because I love you.
I now faithfully wait for you until you come for me,
My heart is patiently waiting ‘til together we will be,
Joined as one,
By the Father and His Son,
I now wait for the future of your love,
Until you come and claim my heart,
Because I love you. basically this is a song for my future husband wherever and whoever he may be. Hope you can hear it okay...


an A- essay

Coffee Comfort

Every person has a place that is special to him or her. A place where a person can feel like them self. There is a place I go to unwind, meet with friends, or do homework. This place is the Starbucks in Leavenworth. Every time I enter the building I feel a sense of belonging. Leavenworth Starbucks is part of a franchise that makes coffee drinks in a variety of ways. To me it is a location made up of friendly people and the aroma of ground up espresso beans. Starbucks has a relaxing atmosphere where someone can go to enjoy the comfort of coffee.

As soon as I enter through the door of the Leavenworth Starbucks, I am met with the intense, inviting smell of coffee. The next thing I am aware of is the people. The gregarious baristas are always looking proficient in their cheerful green aprons and permanent smiles. The customers are scattered about, waiting for their drinks. Many different people gather at this place with assorted attitudes and backgrounds, but they are all expecting the same thing, to enjoy a delicious beverage that can change their mood and help them have a more calming day.

I get my drink and sit down. The inside of the building is modern looking with vibrant painted walls, exotic decorations, and upbeat music playing in the background. This makes it tend to be more inviting for people to be able to sit and take it easy. As I settle down to enjoy my coffee, I take in my surroundings. The tables and chairs are set up in a homey fashion and the soft, comfy couches are very inviting. The whole place seems to radiate a calming effect on people. Even people who hurry around and people who are grumpy! How can anyone not enter a place like Starbucks and not have the atmosphere lighten their mood. All of the Starbucks stores are alike in the way that their environments are welcoming and calming. Even if I have to rush in to grab a drink, I leave feeling calmer then when I went in.

To me what enhances Starbucks besides the atmosphere is, of course, the coffee. There is something that is so calming for people just to sit down and enjoy a soothing cup of coffee. Starbucks coffee certainly adds to this environment to make a more cheering and comfortable atmosphere. Sitting in a comfortable chair, I sip the warm drink in my hand and my worries and concerns seem to dissolve like instant coffee in hot water. Anytime someone enjoys a drink at a place with a relaxing atmosphere like Starbucks it will surely be a wonderful experience.

Starbucks is a place where people can go when feeling stressed, lonely, or angry. Also, it is a place to go when feeling happy, pleased, or just a regular “I’m good, how are you,” attitude. Because of the soothing atmosphere it is also a place for dates, bible studies, hanging out with friends, or just finishing homework. I have gone there for all of these reasons, but the one that is most uplifting is when I go in the early morning with my bible and just sit. I read a little bit, but soon my mind wanders to what is going around me. The different people and their conversations. Friends greeting friends and smiling as they wave goodbye. The relaxing atmosphere just seems to express that it’s okay to take the time to treat yourself to something special. Everything that makes up Starbucks is calming to me.

Every time I go to the Starbucks in Leavenworth I usually see someone I know because so many people love to come and enjoy this wonderful place. Some people go there daily or even a couple times a day! The atmosphere is so relaxing that it attracts people because they feel at home and when leaving, they satisfied upon exiting this marvelous place.


Broken Windows, Broken Noses, and After Thoughts

Well...our family had quite an exciting day the other day! But not quite in a good way, mind you. To begin mom called me at home when she was going to pick up my brother from baseball practice. Apparently the baseball had hit him in the nose and it was assumed that it was broken! So, she had to take him to the clinic. Upon arriving home, we then received a call from my father, who was away in Portland, OR on business. Someone had broken the window of his jeep and stolen his briefcase, which had important work papers in it, and his fanny pack, which had his passport, GPS, and digital camera in it! Unfortunately, my Dad picked the wrong week to be there! On a random night once a year, someone hits all the hotels in Portland and breaks into peoples vehicles, so my Dad was not the only victim. In brothers nose was just fractured, so it will not prevent him from playing baseball, and my Father was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

My own thoughts: I was so angry that people are so...oh, idk, evil! ARGhhhhhhh! The feelings I felt when I heard what happen to Dad were so strong! How dare anyone one do something like this! I feel bad for Dad as well as everyone else who got robbed! Why do people do things like this? Steal from hard-working people!?!
Well I have quite calmed myself now and the only thing I can think of for WHY is because the world is evil...since the fall of man, we will always fall into temptation and sin. We would be hopelessly lost as sinners were it not for God's love, forgiveness, and the saving blood of Jesus. That is why I do forgive the people that did this and I pray for them. Not that they would give back all the stuff they stole, but that they would someday accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Who knows...maybe I'll be in heaven with them someday.


You Are a Purple Flower

A purple flower tends to represent success, grace, and elegance.
At times, you are faithful like a violet.
And other times, you represent luxury, like a wisteria.
And more than you wish, you find yourself heartbroken like a lilac.


Gift of Music

No longer able to control my tears I pull the car off to the side of the road. As I grasp to gain control of my emotions, the distressing thoughts fly through my mind and the questioning word surfaces once again. “Why,” I pray to God. I am not left in despair very long. My prayer soon turns into a song and as the music fills my head, I proceed back onto the road. As soon as I arrive home it will start, the beginning of a new song that will bring comfort and express feeling.

A note. A melody. A song. What is the purpose of music? How can I explain the feeling I get when I play? When my fingers glide over the keys or pluck at the strings and my voice forms the words it feels so incredible. Music is a gift that expresses a feeling.

People feel intense emotions every day. When words are difficult to express, music replaces the confusion I sense. Music can be an outlet of frustration, loneliness, and misery that I sometimes feel or of love, pleasure, and faith. Either when I get inspired to write poetic words that go along with a melody or just break out in an instrumental piece full of passion, music makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. It helps me communicate my emotions to others and attempt to make them understandable to people and even occasionally me.

The gift of music is a blessing. I use my talent in music to play an instrument or write a song. When I do this I am able to express the feelings I have in ways that can be an encouragement, not only to myself, but to others as well. I know that music I hear from other people encourages me and helps me be relatable to what they are feeling. Playing a song and putting what I feel into it is a blessing to others because they can be able to feel what I feel and it cheers them up.

Music is a gift that I had to work hard at. Over the years of hard practice my appreciation for music has grown and I value it much more. Although it took hours of daily practice to perfect the playing of an instrument, when I write a song, it takes little effort because I out my whole self into it. Expressing myself with music is the easiest thing I could ever do.

The gift of music is playing an instrument, writing a song with my heart, or listening with my soul. I know that I cannot live without music. I use it to articulate my deepest desire or just to vent out frustration. While some people may not understand this, it is my hope to convey the gift of music when I play. So when my heart turns into a song and music fills my head I am thankful for the gift of music.

(didn't do super well on this essay, but I got a B)


Remember Me

Don't forget to remember them. My cousin is in the armed forces and when we saw him he showed us all of this stuff he brought home from Iraq. He had pictures and videos from army life. He is now home and a new father. I am proud of him!


A 1/2 Birthday Party...

Dress crazy...half hair-doo, half different styles of clothes, mismatching earrings, socks, make-up...etc.

Having fun for Courtney's 1/2 Birthday Party! Birthday Girl!!!!
1/2 cupcakes...I left the cake whole...

Crazy 1/2 hair-doo!

Charades!!! Alissa and Louisa.

I'm trying to act out eggplant...with Reilly

Courtney and Anna (attempting) to act out snickerdoodle....

Pretty, pretty! Kristen and Celisse!

Our cRaZy group...