Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


A Moment

The world is
going on around me.
Here i sit and the only
thing that matters
right now
in this very moment
is You.
i go back once again
to be lost in You
to fall in love with You.
Fall in love with You
more and more
every day
but i don't
i get lost in this
world of folly
caught up in the routine and activities of life.
You sit
until i remember You again.
To come back and sit with You
in this moment like i am now
where the only thing that matters
is You.
Can i not stay here forever?
But i don't
i stand up
walk away
swept away
with the flow of the busy crowd
leaving You
until i come back and sit with You next time.
At least i think
You always sit there.
i could take You with me
to be next to me
to be aware
of Your closeness
but i don't.
You do go with me
You are still with me
aren't You.
i'm not always aware of it.
You are right by my side
all the time
holding onto me.
i return to sit with You
as if
You have been there the whole time
i'm unaware
You never left me
when I went back in the rotation of the world.
may i always take You with me
in my words
in this life
i get lost in this world
may i still be found in You.
Right now
as this moment is drawing to an end
i must rise from where i sit
with complete contentment in You
feeling Your presence
with me
at this moment
i will take You with me.
The way You have loved me and love me
overwhelms me
i deepen my love in You.
My whole heart
to You
at this