Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Summer Times...

Well I thought I would journal a little bit today since I haven't posted anything in awhile and plus I have some time to kill before I have to go back to work! My summer has been going good and has pretty much been a great one. It is my last summer as a teenager haha, so I want it to be fun, which it has...I am working at the pool everyday...lifeguarding, teaching swimming lessons, and the best thing so far has been coaching! At first I was really nervous when I started, but it has gotten better and as been really fun! I think I pretty much got all 140 names down now! heehee! It has been good working with Reid and all of the kids!
I jumped off the bridge at Blackbird Island for the first time ever this summer, with Marika! Very, very exciting I know! :) Also went up to lake Wenatchee to the Boyd's cabin and went swimming and tubing which I screamed so much that it hurt to talk the next!!! Went cosmic bowling in evening dresses for Megan's tan lines with the evening dress looked lovely! lol! I loved the fireworks for the 4th of July down at Walla Walla park, and I had the house all to myself for a week while my family went to South Dakota to visit family, (even though I wished to go with them!) really, really!
What I want to do before the summer is over is go to the drive-in, go bowling again, go on a really long hike...maybe even camping, of course go back to lake wenatchee and try wake boarding!
This summer has also kind of been putting me in leadership positions, with coaching and returning as a guard...and I might be leading a biblestudy too! One thing I don't have is a guy...which really I am content not to! God has been teaching me to fall deeply in love with Him this summer! At the beginning of June I was kind of hoping to meet someone since I'm almost 20 and will be finishing school next year, but so far nothing! But it's okay, I love my heavenly Father and trust him for His timing! Until then I will enjoy the rest of my summer and fall even more deeply in love with my Father and my Savior! God will bring me my prince charming when it's time!