Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


you never know when you will make someone's day . . .

downcast eyes.
heavy spirit.
looking around.
deep breath.
recieve note.
words encourage.
heart sings.
soul smiles.

day brightens.


Note To Self

I know there will be times when:
  • you can't go any further; keep going!
  • you will think you can't do this anymore; keep thinking!
  • you will just want to give up; keep breathing!
  • it will seem you've done all you can do; keep working!
  • you know all else is lost; keep searching!
  • you are completely alone; keep loving!
  • it will feel like your soul is dying; keep believing!
  • you are in the dark: keep shining!
  • you have nothing else left; keep hoping!



I have strep throat. It is not cool. It is not fun. It hurts really, really bad! ARGH!!!


Umm...excuse me? Question?

How do you get scared half-to-death twice??????


it is a new year...

hey...can't sleep so thought I would write. I have been thinking on alot of things, so many things going through my head right now(that's probably why I can't because I had a latte at 11, haha).
I can blame it on the New Year, cause I am sure it makes alot of people think about the year that has past and the one that is beginning. So with that said I am just going to go off on alot of tangents and probably won't make any sense at all, but hey, it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

The Year That Has Past: this year has been pretty much amazing! 2007 was a BIG learning year with lots happening! It started out with my dog dying, but then I witness the amazing miracle of my baby brother being born, then praying hard when he was flow to the Children's Hospital. That was January and February. March through May were pretty okay. I went through the process of restoring a friendship and getting over the hurt of another relationship. Summer was the best!!! Coaching swim team and working at the pool. Going on some awesome hikes which I am going to do alot more off this year. During and after summer was when God was teaching me contentment. And in one situation I learned the hard way that I should have listened to when He was telling me what I should do. Before school started in September I went through a really hard time of feeling insignificant, but alas another learning time for me. Then ending the quarter and going into winter break went pretty smoothly. Around Christmas was the scare with my Grandpa, which by the way he is doing well and has 5-6 more years. Let me tell you though, driving 22 hours there then 3 days later doing it again it pretty j/k...but I enjoy driving and had alot of time to think and pray while I did. To end with God has blessed me with soooooo many new amazing friends that i thank Him for everyday!!!

The Year That Is Beginning: so 2008 is planned out in my book (but not GOD's) until fall. I will finish my AA degree and become certified as an EMT(if all goes as planned) work at the pool again in the summer. Hike alot and alot and alot!!! then I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT! I have thought on a few options though...a year at bible college, take a career as an EMT, or go overseas with Orphans Hope! Now i can say that I am not worrying about it...alot can happen in a year and it can be nothing I expect. I know that (and have learned the hard way at some points) that if I just trust Jesus with every aspect and detail of my life...He will take care of the rest. I trust His leadership in my life and I realize the big decisions coming up in my life and how important the next couple of years will be.

otay, otay...sorry thats enough...I think I have bored you, just wanted to share! Well, I think that either the latte is wearing off or some of my thoughts are now written down so my head ain't spinnin' no more, which ever it is I am going to sleep now!Goodnight! :-)