Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Heart Matters - new song

My heart is still beating,
Though it's broken into pieces.
I thought you were leaving?
Leaving me with this hurt and this pain.

Why did you deceive me?
Desert me in confusion.
The loneliness consumes my very being.

Not all hope is gone;
I will stand watch.
Set my self on the rampart.
Watch to see what He will say to me...

I'm breaking you down over and over again.
When you think it stops you'll still find you in over your head,
But I have My hold on you,
Nothing can snatch you away.

And I'll always hold your heart, so still.

My beating heart has ceased,
In the stillness emptiness is peace.
The canyons of confusion disappear.
My first and only Love steps out,
From the catacombs of my heart once again.

My hope ignites again,
The waiting game is over.
The ramparts of my heart have found a home.

And You're breaking me down over and over again.
When I think it stops I find I'm still in over my head,
But You have Your hold on me,
Nothing can snatch me away.
And You hold my heart, so still.