Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Reliv N.O.W. (Nourishing Our World)

Well, there has been such a huge gap of time from my April post til now, so much has happened it would take awhile to write it all. I think that I'll just write from the this present time and if stuff comes up from the past that needs to be mentioned then I will do so.

I'm coaching swim team again this year. I can't believe that it is almost half way over! After this week there is only 2 weeks left! When swim team is over I won't be working at the pool anymore as a lifeguard. I have been praying and certain situations have presented themselves that have push me away and convinced me that it's time to leave the pool go.

I will start working full-time in Reliv! God has been pulling me closer and closer to it, and the final confirming thing that happened is my boyfriend, Daniel, wants to do it too...I am just so excited to be able to help people with their health and finances! I will be able to earn an amazing income if I work hard enough. When Daniel and I get married we will be together in everything! Instead of going to work separate jobs forty hours a week for the next forty years of our lives we will be working along side each other helping people, which we both love to do!!! We can both be stay at home parents and be able to will our income to our children after we are gone!

I am so excited for what this year will bring...there are still some uncertainties, but God is faithful and I fully trust His timing! :)


Yep! I'm still alive!

Haven't posted in like 3 months! Wowza!

It is interesting how God works. I reflect over my time in South Dakota and all that happened...I still cling to my Savior through it all. Grandpa past away a week after my last post. Today I just feel really sad...the 4th of July we always went to the farm.
Summer has been going pretty good...will write more soon :)

Happy 4th of July! God please bless America, though we don't deserve it. Forgive our nation. Let us seek after you.


I have a Shelter

Reflect on each of these verses...I love this song! "O Jesus I will hide in you!"

I have a shelter in the storm
When troubles pour upon me
Though fears are rising like a flood
My soul can rest securely
O Jesus, I will hide in You
My place of peace and solace
No trial is deeper than Your love
That comforts all my sorrows

I have a shelter in the storm
When all my sins accuse me
Though justice charges me with guilt
Your grace will not refuse me
O Jesus, I will hide in You
Who bore my condemnation
I find my refuge in Your wounds
For there I find salvation

I have a shelter in the storm
When constant winds would break me
For in my weakness, I have learned
Your strength will not forsake me
O Jesus, I will hide in You
The One who bears my burdens
With faithful hands that cannot fail
You’ll bring me home to heaven