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South Dakota Again...

I today is a week and a half since I've been in South Dakota. And Day 7 of nannying. I left on Monday September 28 (Mine and Daniel 6 month anniversary of being together!!!!) I stopped in Bozeman, MT for the night. Met up with some Reliv friends. Went on a short hike then went to The Barn for some country dancing. It was very fun. Had some great conversations!
Daniel knew I had a surprise for him for our anniversary, but had no idea what it was. I just told him he had to do what I said no questions asked. Tuesday was the longest day to drive 11+ hours. But the anticipation of surprising Daniel kept me going. Only his sister and parents knew of me coming. His sister had a game in Kimball the town near where my Grandparents farm is. I got there about 7 but Daniel wasn't there cause he was working late. So I continued onto Mitchell were he live another hour drive. Before I got to Kimball, alot of memories came flooding back into my head and I couldn't hold back the tears, just about Grandpa and everything that happened during my time with my grandparents. When I got to Kimball I went to the cemetery and all the grief I had been holding all summer since I left met me. I left South Dakota in May in such a hurry because of family issues, that everything that happened hadn't quite sunk in.
As I was approaching Mitchell I text Daniel and told him to call me as soon as he got off work. He called me when i was about 20 minutes away. We were talking about his day and stuff then he said he was going to Marlin's to eat because his family was at the game, there was no one home and he had been working all day and was very tired. I told him NO you have to go home. He was in the parking lot of the restaurant and he grudgingly turn around and went home. I was still driving and talking, getting closer about 10 minutes away. He got home and was whining about being tired and hungry. So he started getting something to eat at home and I told him "NO go downstairs and wait 10 more minutes. Remember no questions asked, you want your surprise or not." So he went down to the basement.
I pulled up to his house and all the lights were off. I went in through the garage and then said "Daniel I have to ask you a question. If you could have one wish tonight, what would you wish?" He said that he wished I was right there by his side.
At that point I hung up the phone and went down the steps. I got down there to find my boyfriend was sitting in the dark with the TV on. He heard me coming and sat up with a confused look on his face. Then I spoke, "your wish came true!" He recognized my voice and rush over. So yeah. The next couple hours he was I guess you would say frazzled. He thought I was 1300 hundred miles away and had no idea I was coming. It was a great surprise! :)
Now I've been nannying Tate 3, and Brandi 6 months. My cousins children. Tonight I'm going to a high school football game, meeting Daniel and his sister there and some of my cousins. Before that I think I'm going to go out to the Youngs farm. There is nothing there was all sold in the auction. I need to go back. I've been working up to it since I left.