Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Promise of My Heart

Words and Music by:
Rachel Young
These words of my heart I must somehow say,
How often I think and pray for you everyday,
Wondering what you’re doing,
And how your life is going,
Hoping that you are somehow too,
Thinking of me as I am of you,
Because I love you.

This is the song I sing to you,
This is the promise of my heart,
Knowing that someday we will be together,
I will be true,
This is the promise of my heart.

This love that I have for you may seem strange,
To people of this world who exchange,
Their empty love.
Though we have yet to meet,
I promise to be pure,
Although I may meet others and still not be sure,
I will be true only to you,
Because I love you.
I now faithfully wait for you until you come for me,
My heart is patiently waiting ‘til together we will be,
Joined as one,
By the Father and His Son,
I now wait for the future of your love,
Until you come and claim my heart,
Because I love you. basically this is a song for my future husband wherever and whoever he may be. Hope you can hear it okay...


  1. yeah, I can't get it to says its on private. if you can somehow add me to be able to see it, my screen name is: "amigamarika" ...let me know if that works, I really want to see this!!!

  2. okay...i think i fixed it so, try it again! sorry! lol!

  3. cool, I works now! that's really pretty have a good voice and i like the music on the piano a lot too :) thank you for sharing...i want to hear the rest of it too.

  4. yeah...i recorded it with my camera, so it was only like a minute max. but i will play it for you if you have time over spring break and if a piano is near by! :)