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Gift of Music

No longer able to control my tears I pull the car off to the side of the road. As I grasp to gain control of my emotions, the distressing thoughts fly through my mind and the questioning word surfaces once again. “Why,” I pray to God. I am not left in despair very long. My prayer soon turns into a song and as the music fills my head, I proceed back onto the road. As soon as I arrive home it will start, the beginning of a new song that will bring comfort and express feeling.

A note. A melody. A song. What is the purpose of music? How can I explain the feeling I get when I play? When my fingers glide over the keys or pluck at the strings and my voice forms the words it feels so incredible. Music is a gift that expresses a feeling.

People feel intense emotions every day. When words are difficult to express, music replaces the confusion I sense. Music can be an outlet of frustration, loneliness, and misery that I sometimes feel or of love, pleasure, and faith. Either when I get inspired to write poetic words that go along with a melody or just break out in an instrumental piece full of passion, music makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. It helps me communicate my emotions to others and attempt to make them understandable to people and even occasionally me.

The gift of music is a blessing. I use my talent in music to play an instrument or write a song. When I do this I am able to express the feelings I have in ways that can be an encouragement, not only to myself, but to others as well. I know that music I hear from other people encourages me and helps me be relatable to what they are feeling. Playing a song and putting what I feel into it is a blessing to others because they can be able to feel what I feel and it cheers them up.

Music is a gift that I had to work hard at. Over the years of hard practice my appreciation for music has grown and I value it much more. Although it took hours of daily practice to perfect the playing of an instrument, when I write a song, it takes little effort because I out my whole self into it. Expressing myself with music is the easiest thing I could ever do.

The gift of music is playing an instrument, writing a song with my heart, or listening with my soul. I know that I cannot live without music. I use it to articulate my deepest desire or just to vent out frustration. While some people may not understand this, it is my hope to convey the gift of music when I play. So when my heart turns into a song and music fills my head I am thankful for the gift of music.

(didn't do super well on this essay, but I got a B)

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  1. yeah, i understand what you mean ..there's something about music that really has the ability to express your emotions in just the right cool.