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an A- essay

Coffee Comfort

Every person has a place that is special to him or her. A place where a person can feel like them self. There is a place I go to unwind, meet with friends, or do homework. This place is the Starbucks in Leavenworth. Every time I enter the building I feel a sense of belonging. Leavenworth Starbucks is part of a franchise that makes coffee drinks in a variety of ways. To me it is a location made up of friendly people and the aroma of ground up espresso beans. Starbucks has a relaxing atmosphere where someone can go to enjoy the comfort of coffee.

As soon as I enter through the door of the Leavenworth Starbucks, I am met with the intense, inviting smell of coffee. The next thing I am aware of is the people. The gregarious baristas are always looking proficient in their cheerful green aprons and permanent smiles. The customers are scattered about, waiting for their drinks. Many different people gather at this place with assorted attitudes and backgrounds, but they are all expecting the same thing, to enjoy a delicious beverage that can change their mood and help them have a more calming day.

I get my drink and sit down. The inside of the building is modern looking with vibrant painted walls, exotic decorations, and upbeat music playing in the background. This makes it tend to be more inviting for people to be able to sit and take it easy. As I settle down to enjoy my coffee, I take in my surroundings. The tables and chairs are set up in a homey fashion and the soft, comfy couches are very inviting. The whole place seems to radiate a calming effect on people. Even people who hurry around and people who are grumpy! How can anyone not enter a place like Starbucks and not have the atmosphere lighten their mood. All of the Starbucks stores are alike in the way that their environments are welcoming and calming. Even if I have to rush in to grab a drink, I leave feeling calmer then when I went in.

To me what enhances Starbucks besides the atmosphere is, of course, the coffee. There is something that is so calming for people just to sit down and enjoy a soothing cup of coffee. Starbucks coffee certainly adds to this environment to make a more cheering and comfortable atmosphere. Sitting in a comfortable chair, I sip the warm drink in my hand and my worries and concerns seem to dissolve like instant coffee in hot water. Anytime someone enjoys a drink at a place with a relaxing atmosphere like Starbucks it will surely be a wonderful experience.

Starbucks is a place where people can go when feeling stressed, lonely, or angry. Also, it is a place to go when feeling happy, pleased, or just a regular “I’m good, how are you,” attitude. Because of the soothing atmosphere it is also a place for dates, bible studies, hanging out with friends, or just finishing homework. I have gone there for all of these reasons, but the one that is most uplifting is when I go in the early morning with my bible and just sit. I read a little bit, but soon my mind wanders to what is going around me. The different people and their conversations. Friends greeting friends and smiling as they wave goodbye. The relaxing atmosphere just seems to express that it’s okay to take the time to treat yourself to something special. Everything that makes up Starbucks is calming to me.

Every time I go to the Starbucks in Leavenworth I usually see someone I know because so many people love to come and enjoy this wonderful place. Some people go there daily or even a couple times a day! The atmosphere is so relaxing that it attracts people because they feel at home and when leaving, they satisfied upon exiting this marvelous place.

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