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G'pa is HOME!!!

G'pa was going to come home yesterday, but he had a bad night he was finally able to come home today!

G'ma and I had a good time at home for a few days while G'pa was in the hospital, but I extremely missed him! We saw him Saturday but did go again to see him until today when we picked him up! I talked to him on the phone everyday. He said he didn't want to be a burden when he got home. I kept telling him he wouldn't be.

Yesterday was a little hard for me. Stayed home the whole day and didn't have much i had to do, but I wrote some letters and talked to people back home. I think yesterday was actually the first time I had to myself so I began missing people and home a little. Also, thinking...I only have to be here for one more month then I can go home if I want because my Aunt Bev is moving here. I know that God wants me here right now, and i have been praying about staying all winter. Just have to see what His will is for me. I do want to take a trip to Indiana to see Marika maybe once my Aunt gets here!

So...we left this morning because G'ma had a doctors appointment and she needed to get some lab work done before. After that we went to lunch and her appointment and went to the hospital to get G'pa. He was all dressed, ready, and waiting in the chair in his room when we got there! I hadn't seen him since Saturday and I could tell he looked different. He had lost 10 pounds of the course of a couple days of being in the hosptial. The nurse gave me his medication list and we drove home.

G'ma and G'pa were both wore out. I got G'pa's pills in order then made supper. G'pa doesn't seem his self. he is just tired and said he is weak and feels poorly. He went to bed an hour earlier then usual. G'ma is getting ready for bed now.

I went outside for awhile to practice my guitar....have to break in those calluses again it's been a few months!

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  1. You've had a lot of work to looks like God is using you though! I can't wait until you can come visit! What day do you think you'll get here?