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Root Beer Floats and Needles

Today I overslept and woke up with a sore throat! Blah! Dad let the cat, Fuzzy, in to wake me up. She started licking my face...that got me up. She is a crazy cat, and I mean crazy. She'll claw your leg when your walking and try biting your hand when you pet her. She is no mean...just extremely playful!

I started cleaning up after breakfast and learned we were going to Chamberlain for one of G'pa's tests and to run a few other errands. Made G'pa a fried egg sandwich for dinner and we were off!

All went well and we took the back roads home. G'pa pointed out a farm to me and told me awhile ago that the guy that lived their was getting on in his years so he order a mail-order bride! I didn't know they still did that! I guess it went well cause the have a few kids! Lol.

When we got home G'pa had a root beer float...I guess it was a whole soda which he should only have half for his diabetes.

I began planning supper and went on a walk...relaxed on the hay bales for half an hour, picked some apples for a pie tonight, and some flowers for a vase on the window sill! :)

Just was warming up some leftover casserole for supper when G'pa took his blood sugar and it was high! Of course from that ice cream and root beer! So I got to give him and insulin shot for the first time. It went okay...had quite a time getting the air bubbles out and G'pa said he was more trouble then he was worth! Haha, I told him he wasn't then gave him the shot!

He is watching a football game now. I'm gonna finish my pie. Tomorrow we go to Mitchell to bring G'ma home!

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