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Cracked Ribs, Thunderstorm, and a Friend

Well the last couple of days have been kinda busy. Thursday night G'pa and I went out on a four-wheel ride. The four-wheeler is like on of those gators, with a bench seat and steering wheel. It was dusk and my G'pa was driving...anyways we were out in the field and there was this ditch over grown with tall grass. Well we ran right into it...and went forward hard, I was holding my camera and dropped it and scrapped up my knees and wrist, but G'pa hit his left side of his chest on the steering wheel.

I went out looking for my camera several times and I didn't think I was gonna find it cause the grass was super tall, but I finally found it Friday night! G'pa was in pain, but there wasn't any bruising.

On Saturday he seemed to be worse so I took him to the ER... 3 hours later, they had x-rayed and did a c-scan. Everything was okay internally. But he probably has a couple cracked ribs which will most likely give him pain for 4 to 6 weeks. It really hard to see him like this. He still hasn't gained weight since coming home from the hospital he actually lost over 15 pounds!

Yesterday we didn't go to church, G'pa wasn't gonna go and G'ma didn't want to leave him alone. That afternoon there was the most amazing thunderstorm! Like super loud and pouring rain! It was awesome!

Before lunch yesterday we had a visitor...the neighbor's hired hand come over to ask G'pa if he could bow hunt around the farm. He had just come from church and he presented himself so well and seemed very gracious towards me grandparents. Anyways, he came back that night to scope out the land, and set up a few deer stands. His name is Brian and he is from Missouri, and just finished college. He started working for the Havliks in January.

Whats on the agenda today! Well, got to do Mondays chores, which is cleaning the floors! And have to do something with all our apples! G'ma gave me this recipe for apple bars...and I'll probably make another pie for the freezer!

My Aunt Pat is coming to visit within the week! I'm so excited to see her. She will help me with that blanket I'm knitting for G'pa. I might go a day to shop with my cousins while she is here too!

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