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I'm a dinosaur RAWR!

I'm watching the tv show I Love Lucy. I really like that show tehe. It makes me laugh :) It's my Grandmas favorite also. This weekend has been really weird. Not in the way of things that have happened, but in my's spinning, it's confused...something is bugging me and I can't figure it out. I feel like if I sit down and have a good cry it'll make it better, but I can't seem to cry...I've watched the saddest movies I could think of and...nope, not a tear. I think God is trying to get my attention and I don't wanna listen...I don't know but instead of figure it out now I'm just gonna blog....
Well, it was Apple Blossom festival this week and yesterday I took Angela, James, Benjamin, and Jonathan to the parade. I haven't been to it since mom and dad took us to it when we moved yeah it'd been awhile, but it's not the same, they don't throw candy anymore :( the sun was hot and it was really windy...the kids got a little red :S we were sitting on the sidewalk and there were these 3 younger 5 or 6 years old sitting in their little lawn chairs...anyways when a bunch of Hispanics rode by on their horses and the girls were leaning over and were like.."oh that one is a boy" and then the next horse..."that is a boy too" hehe I thought that was kinda comical :P another thing, when the clowns came walking by I overheard this mom commanding her son to go over and shake the clowns hand so she could take a picture...the little kid didn't want to, can't blame him, clowns are scary!!! :O but she insisted so he would take a step towards the clown then look back at his mom demanding him to go, he was so hesitant that the clowns passed and he didn't shake his hand...his mom like flipped out at him and was like "you can't think, just do it!" poor little kid...then I was like wow I don't think that is very good parenting to tell your kids to just go and do it and not think, but what do I know lol. So after the parade I got the kids some snow cones (garsh I sound like a mom ahaha). So after church we went to Olive Garden to celebrate Daniel and Kristen's ad been quite awhile since we were all in one place as a whole family so twas really really nice :)
Well I decided that I'm not a dinosaur. Jenny says I'd make a puny dino and I suppose I'm not that I'm a sunflower for the time being....gnight! I'm gonna go and try to find some sleep...hopefully. Goodnight Lucy!

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