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2 weeks of rain

This is the second week we've had crappy weather :P ...Daniel and I had a hike planned up Ingalls Creek, the trail head isn't far from our house and never hiked it! Yeah, planned it 2 weeks ago then it started raining off and on since then! I haven't seen the sun in forever!...but that is good because the river will fill up and the rapids will be awesome for the white water rafting trip I won in a raffle on Tuesday. A free trip for 8 people, a $500 dollar value!
Yeah on Tuesday Marika and I went to the Hope Project kickoff celebration as Plain, WA adopted Gardnersville, Liberia, as its very own sister city! It was so cool to see this local community make a change 7,000 miles away! I found out that the top 10 poorest countries in the world are in Africa and Liberia is third on the list. Haiti isn't even on that top 10 list, it's just is in our hemisphere! I decided to donate a small amount every month, it's not much, but it's what I can afford at this time. Another thing which was cool is that they weren't pressure for money either, just the way they presented it was beautiful in the way that showed their heart to really help this other country however they could. They support a school over there and may make some trips in the future, but only if there is still a school to go to. I'm so blessed to be a part of this organization :)
I'm going to Seattle for this week and I'm excited! I wasn't going to go unless I cleaned my room so I finished it yesterday! Woohoo!

A good improvement I think! tehe :) Tonight is Beccah's 16th birthday bash! I'm in charge of I gotta go plan! Peace.


  1. I want to go rafting!!!!! But, I won't be here this summer so I'll let you give my spot away. ;)

  2. Hey Rachel. I bet you worked a long time on your room.

  3. Yeah Aaron about a month :P

    Demi! I wish I didn't have to give your spot away! But yeah figuring out who can come will be a predicament...there's just so many options... Wait, I know! I can narrow it down to whoever buys me the most coffee! tehe :)