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Sunny Dayzzzzz

Yahoo! this is the third day in a row that it has been sunny and 45 degrees outside...and NO WIND!!! which is rare for South Dakota! I've spent a good part of the afternoon each day outside, just walking and praying and reading! It has been sooooooo great! And today I was just thinking about the kind of guy I want...haha! Before I was just like oh he has to love God and the outdoors etc. But since everything that has happened and looking at the Christian brothers closest to me I began to have a picture of what I would like for a husband. And evaluate myself, like what I would need.
Now I have never been truly really super close anyone before...number one would probably be my mom, then my sister and marika. What I define as being truly really super close to someone is kinda what I am looking for in a future here is what I came up with.
So, I know what I want now...I who will try to understand me, and adore me, to see me for who I am or at least strive to. Someone who helps me see my faults so i can be better. Someone who will give advice and just pray with me. Someone who will forgive me and love me no matter what, understanding I will mess up. is there any human out there like that? Someone who will just truly listen and I will feel comfortable sharing my heart with. I know what I want now...

BUT, Can I truly be satisfied in Christ alone? Jesus is all of the above and more...Him I can strive to be closest to. I don't know what my future holds and if I will even ever meet anyone like that at all, but I will cling to my Lord, for he is constant and will never disappoint me.

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  1. That's so good Rachel! I've thought about this a lot. Can I be satisfied with just Him? We totally could, if we really press in I think. It's so easy to get distracted thinking about marriage...I think maybe more as time passes. But I think it's good to remember that we're not "missing out" on anything, as long as we pursue Him and trust His timing and purpose.