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Reliv is Cool! Lol

Wow, this is really fun! I listen to a training call for Reliv every week day morning at 8:30 and today they did something different where you would come on the call and share the bullet points of your results from the product and then give you phone number so we could help each other as distributors build a list of stories. (Like almost 500 people end up hearing the call) Well I gave mine and right after the call was over someone called me from a different part of SD to hear more...

...but the coolest thing was this guy from Wyoming called me and we talked for like 10 minutes he wanted to now about more of my results and how long I've been taking it and my parents and grandparents. It was just so neat to be able to share with him and give him hope cuz he has been on it for 3 months. It's just so exciting to connect with people like that...I can't wait for Texas!

Another amazing thing was I had a follow-up call today and had me and my upline connected with my mom and my friend. So South Dakota, California, and Washington. Reliv, Nourishing Our World!!!

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