Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Doo doo doop dee doo

ahh well okay....this week has gone so fast! Once I got back to gma and gpa's things just began falling back into routine. To start off the week Sunday night I saw Tell and he wouldn't even talk to me let alone acknowledge I was even there. It was bothering me about what to do...since I had gotten home over break I was just praying about what God wanted me to to him again or just leave it alone. That night I was reading Psalm 27...the psalm of my life at this time...and the last verse said WAIT on the Lord. There was my answer right in front of me. I trust that all things work together for good for them that trust Him.
So busy was so great to get back here to gma and gpa's! Seeing them again! But, alas, I began feeling down on Tuesday...but God is soooooooo awesome! He brought me a new friend who truly was a great encouragement to me! I met Nicole through mom and dad who knew her through Reliv...she was actually the one who told me about the biblestudy where I met Tell. Well we finally went out for that coffee we had kept saying we were gonna get. Oh why had we not before I foolishly fell into making the wrong choices!? BUT God's plan is perfect...I know there would be no way I would be as close to Him now if I didn't go through all the pain....I do have times when I began to wish I could of done things differently but right away I try to change that thinking cuz what happened made me who I am today is so great the things i have learned through it all. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!! WOW!!!
So Nicole really helped me. And suggesting ways I can be a light and joy for my gparents. She is a prayer warrior and said I can call her anytime! I love her! She is truly a blessing from God to me!
Reliv has been going great! I am learning alot and am becoming more excited about what i can do with this business! Heard a great story call on Thursday about people my age who have had alot of success and that gave me hope. I am so passionate about being able to help people with their health and even their finances! Reliv has done so much for my family i will never be without it! It took me awhile to see the vision but i am beginning to and can't wait to go to the International conference in Feb. at Fort Worth TEXAS babay!!!! :)
So life is long as I continue to cling to Him that sustains me! WOW WOW WOW!!! GOD IS AMAZING!!! I look forward to what He has planned for me to do for His glory!
Okay I am finally getting tired now! Goodnight! :D :D

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