Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Happy New Year!

Well I am sitting in a hotel room in Sioux Falls, SD waiting for my aunt Lisa and Gma Surat to get back from shopping she left early and i slept hehe. So thought I'd take this time to write about the past year and the one coming up. I won't have Internet for a week cuz i am going to my other grandparents house before returning to the ones I am caring for.

First before I dive into it I just thought I would think about somethings. I was meet by so many challenges this year. I think more then I ever have in a year. But I have for sure seen the change it has done to me. I am stronger spiritually and emotionally and I am definitely wiser. It is so amazing to me how God can take bad things that happen and turn it into something for His glory! Also I could never have endure through all the challenges without His grace, mercy and constant guidance! In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my Light my Strength my Song!

The Year That Is Past.......

well, 2008 was once again a year full of learning. Full of trials which challenged me to cling to my Savior. In January I took an EMT class at WVC it ran all the way until April. Wow, It is amazing to me that it has been a year already since i was in that class! I learned alot and was challenged so much in that class. It will be something I take with me everywhere I go. And maybe someday be able to use what i learned.
I worked six different jobs this year! whoa! First the soup cellar, then lifeguard, then swim coach, then caretaker of my gparents, server and a hunting lodge, and finally an independent Reliv distributor! Whew!
I graduate with my AAS degree in June, then summer practically flew by. I worked at the Leavenworth city pool again as a lifeguard and WSI. Had an awesome season coaching Upper Valley Swim team! We were undefeated and WON Championship YAHOO!!! I had fun to with friends and family. Went hiking, jet skiing, wake boarding which is amazing, and i almost went skydiving twice! lol.
In August I bought my own vehicle! AHHHHH!!!! YEAH! I love my Subaru! and I will try to avoid driving a granny van. lol.
September brought a season of new challenges and learning. Taking care of my Gparents as you can read in earlier blog posts.
October I made a foolish choice to date a guy. Not that dating a guy is wrong, but after all that I have ever been taught and wanted in a relationship for myself and dreamed of I threw away in a few short weeks. To add on to that in December I fell short and experienced hurt I never knew could happen. Supposed friends turning there back on me and spreading lies, not even trying to learn the truth...Tell included.
I came home for Christmas and experienced the exact opposite from my friends at home. Acceptance and Love for me no matter what i did. I can't began to describe the feeling I had from God amazing forgiveness and love of my family and friends.
My time back in WA was encouraging and helped me get ready to return to the challenges back in SD.

The Year To Come...2009
Okay so I became a independent Reliv distributor on December 31, 2008! I am so excited for what i can do with this amazing company! It has done so much for my family already and I believe I really can do this! Yahoo!
Well, right of the bat I'm already met with another challenge. My Aunt Bev is moving back to KS. After committing to gma and gpa for the winter. She is just leaving. I have agreed to stay with them for the winter months, but I don't know what will happen to then after that. So i will be caring for them once again on my own. I went to see my great gma in MN who is 98 and I got an overwhelm sense of grief for what i saw there. I almost just started crying. Everyone just sitting all they were just waiting to the only thing left for them is to die! I don't want that for gma and gpa!!! One thing that has really struck me after taking care of my gparents. is that I DO NOT want to be like that when I am old. grumpy and depressed and down, etc. I want to be full of joy and cheerful alive and living, giving glory to my Savior!
So now I am struggling with feeling of resentment and dislike towards my aunt. Because of the way she treated me when i was there and now going back on her word. It is something I realize i can't do without my Lord. I pray that He will fill me with love for her! and forgive her. It is hard. I know I couldn't of forgiven all those other people who treated me way worse without God love...I don't why it is so hard with Bev.
Anyways...I will most likely remain in SD at least until spring maybe summer. I will be building my business along with caring for them and got hired to do some housecleaning on the side.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!! I will return to the pool and coach again too!!!
After summer I am left with uncertainty once again, but am prepared for the challenges i will be faced with, with Jesus by my side...but I must say that I am so excited and can't wait to see what God will be having me do!!! ;) i do know that I will be continuing to strive and bring Him glory in all i do while growing closer to HIM!!!!


  1. Rachel, wow, God's been amazing in your life! :D He's so good to you. Haha. It was good to see you over here in Washington, even if only briefly. I hope we get time together in the future to talk about all you're learning, and I'd love to share what's going on in my life too. Oh, I was curious, what's Reliv. Sounds like you're excited about it, whatever it is. Anyway, take care, and I'll pray for your adventure in South Dakota. ;)

  2. Sweet Rakel! I'm excited for your future! :)