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Swim Team

Second day of swim team is over and I feel tired already. But it's a good tired! I love it :) Cashmere swim team is smaller than Leavenworth and has way more practice time! I have so many things in my head that I want to do with this team...the goal is to go undefeated and take Championships this year! I mean, I'm used to it...did it in Leavenworth as an assistant 2 years in a row ;)
The way the practice times are set up sure make my day go fast though it seems. 2 practices in the morning, 8-10AM and then 1 practice at night 8-9:30PM. I love it so much though, have I not said that already lol. It's on my top 10 list.
I so want to beat Leavenworth really badly now, first of all they never even returned my messages on coaching and then they go and hire the evil manager from last year who made our family and friends summer miserable. Do we have a chance to beat them? Yes. Prayer can't hurt though haha. I need to have to right attitude about it...humble and gracious. I feel that I will :) and will be so disappointed it we don't. The most important thing is for me to do my best at coaching these kids and having fun. Tonight I had the older kids practice write down some of there goals for this season...just so I can get an idea of where they want to go. Some are very doable and practical, some will take hard work, and others made me "get better times then the older guys" (a girl wrote that) and that is doable!!! I did it through most of my "career" as a swimmer. tehe ;)
I loved swimming when I was younger (ha, make me sound so old) swim team was something I looked forward to every  summer, and I was good at it. I'm just so happy to still have a part in something I enjoy so much. And as head coach everyone looks up to me and I will try my best not to fail them :)

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  1. Aww look at you all grown up, eh coach Young? ;) Stomp the competition! Mwahaha!

    err... I mean... :D

    Gotta love that fiery competitive side in us, eh? Lol. You'll do great Rachel, and you've got your head screwed on right. Just keep doing what you're doing, and glorify God through your coaching! Gooooo Cashmere!