Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Moving Forward

So much is running through my head right now that I don't even know where to start! My heart feels so full, yet I have a certain peace and calm about me that is so familiar. Tonight is such a clear night that the stars showing off their charm with extra sparkle. I remember when we first moved here to Washington and on beautiful nights like this I would go outside and just look at the stars talking to God. Expressing the joys and groanings of my heart I knew He heard me. I wondered walking in to the house this evening what happened to those times I used to do that? They were so refreshing and restoring to my spirit especially just sitting outside of a house full of people lol. I replaced those starry mountain nights with sunsets on the flat plains Dakota since I had to be in the house at night...but now that I've been home it's had been awhile since those starry night talks with my best friend. I realized that driving home this evening and having to pull over again overcome by emotion (twice in the last month) doesn't seem healthy. But tonight a burden regarding a situation about Reliv weighing on my heart since February has been lifted. I have to keep moving forward! He will be with me! He will give me the words to say! Just keep moving forward Rachel.
Isn't God good? God is good...all the time! Such a simple statement and so easy to forget. Don't know if you have ever experienced hurt and pain so badly in your heart that you could feel physically feel it...I have. I can count them all on one hand so far. Sometimes it lasted longer than other times. Tonight was such a night except it didn't last long, just a moment then I was flooded in healing. And was told to keep moving forward. It was amazing.
In February my wall of belief in Reliv was demolished. It is ironic because at the beginning of that month I was on fire and moving forward! It was awesome :) Then Satan attacked and I fell. So hard that it has taken this long to get back up again unfortunately, but I got up again. I know what I have seen! I know what Reliv can do! But I was letting Satan win and letting him keep trampling me down.
I think that everything coming together for South Africa has been part of building me back  up again. If Reliv could get to Africa I truly believe that it will change that country! If God is gonna use me and this upcoming trip to get Reliv over there then I need to stop sitting in my pain and pity and start moving forward. Yeah those people hurt me, but how many more people am I letting continue to live in pain because of one little bruise I received?
They think I'm all about money and using my friends to get rich than they do not know what I am about at all! They have not seen what I have seen! What Reliv is truly about. I've seen grown men cry because they got the wife or child back. I've seen families who had no hope left get another chance. I've seen prevented suicides, people get out of wheelchairs and the list goes on and on! I don't even want to think about where my family would be now if it wasn't for God bringing Reliv into our lives. Jonathan would not be here and my mom might not be either. No, maybe you can't think ok, that is so wonderful that it worked for don't understand what it felt like to be 15 and the oldest of the family to think that my mom might die and then I would be left to take care of everything. To see my mom in so much pain. Kids shouldn't have to worrying about taking care of their mom.
People don't understand what they have until they lose it. Yeah you feel great and healthy now, but down the road once you lose your quality of life, your health! How much is prevention worth to you? Why wait until you have a problem and then need to take medication, which has horrible side effects then need to take more drugs for those side effects!? That is how it goes! I saw it with my grandpa.
I'm just excited to be a part of this amazing company! To help get this out and nourish the world! People in third world countries are living off of Reliv, it is all they have to survive! They don't complain about the taste, they are just thankful to even get any that day. My heart is truly to help people. It has been such a blessing when someone who I told about Reliv is not living in pain anymore.
And once I get this going I will have a double ministry! That is what I'm most excited about :) I will be helping alot of people here in the US and then use that support over in Africa! :D I think that overwhelming feeling I got tonight was God trying to tell me something and I think the message got through :)
So here I go, moving forward, one day at a time :)

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