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Texas Trip

Hey ya'll!!! :D So I got back from Texas on Sunday! That made 19 states visited, only 31 to go before I die! lol! I went there for a business conference for Reliv and it was amazing!!!

My Aunt Peggy got here on Wednesday to stay with my Gparents. I left Thursday morning a little earlier cuz my other Gma had surgery the day before so I went to see her in the hospital. My Gpa was there and she wasn't doing very good. Before I left I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. So I did. You must realize how awesome that is! These Gparents are not believers. My Gpa always says what he is thinking and sometimes it is not very nice. He has made me cry quite a few times when I was younger lol. I've gotten used to it now since I'm older, but anyways, me being able to pray aloud for Gma in front of him just shows me how much I have grown closer to my Lord and Savior. After I said "amen" Gma weakly said thank you, and then i looked up expecting some kind of comment for my Gpa...but he said nothing and the look on his face I can't really explain. Praise God! May He continue working on my Gpa me it'll be alot of work, but nothing is impossible with God!!!

So I met up with 3 other people to fly down to Texas. I really dislike flying. I'm fine once we get up in the's just the landing and the taking off that really gets to me. So, we landed in Fort Worth, TX about 8pm only to discover that the person who we were renting a van with to drive to the convention center was stuck in Omaha, Nebraska until the next morning due to an overbooked flight. And we couldn't get the van because it was in her name and we couldn't change it. So, it looked like we might of had to get a taxi, which would easily of been 75+ dollars! But God is awesome and another person who we met up with had been in contact with a man who had a shuttle with 2 other people. I had no idea what was going on, I was just following everyone else! lol. Well, when we walked up to the shuttle. Someone stuck there head out the door and it was another Reliv person from SD who went to the meeting in Sioux Falls. It was funny cuz he didn't know it was us and we didn't know that they had the van! God is awesome!

Missed the beginning of the conference cuz i flight got in late, but i still went to the end and met up with my parents!!!! Yay! And a couple who moved to TX from WA last summer. Courtney is kinda like my mentor so it was so good to see her! My parents and them and me walked around downtown Fort Worth and through the water fall gardens. It was so cool! They had this one water fall were you could walk on stones all the way down. It's kinda hard to describe and i didn't get any picture either cuz it was dark :( but it was cool! I was starving so after my parents and I went back to the hotel me and my dad went to get food. It was like 1am so basically everything was closed except bars. SO we went to this english pub and my dad got a beer and I got an amazing sandwich that was made with a giant Bavarian pretzel was good. And I had this wine that was gross, cuz I think they watered it down or something :S

Friday we had conference all day, which was amazing! I learned alot and met so many awesome people! I also learned more about the Kalogris Foundation ( which is the heart of Reliv. It is my great desire to really get involved with it! We went to a Cajun restaurant after and i got shrimp, it was good. Also got to try fried pickles which I guess is a specialty in TX, they were interesting! Afterwards we did a little more networking then I went to starbucks and got a java chip frap and a double chocolate cupcake...yum! I got my chocolate fix :D We went back to the hotel and did some more networking then i went to bed! so tired!

Saturday! Happy Valentines Day!!! Conference ended in the afternoon, then I met Courtney at Starbucks and we talked, it was good! Then me and Nicole (a girl around my age, who flew with me and lives in SD) met up with some other people are age and went to Billy Bob's-The World;s Largest Honky Tonk! Lol. got food and then did some dancing! Most of the young people we were with were from Montana! So they were excellent swing dancers! It was soooooooo fun! I love dancing! :D One of the couples we were with were amazing dancers...and the thing that made it even more cool was that before Reliv the girl would of been in a wheel chair by the time she was 30, so it was even cooler to see her dancing with her husband, pain free. Went back to meet my parents at the hotel then we and some friends went out for a glass of wine which was way better then the stuff I had on Thursday! Got only 3 hours of sleep then...

Sunday was fly back to SD! :S I made it alive. When we got back to Mitchell I went and spent the afternoon with my other gma in the hospital. She was doing so much better! She got to go home the afternoon! I went to church early before college study and played the piano for awhile then read. God was really working on my heart about something that night, but that is another post for another time.

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