Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.



I'm now sitting here listening/watching the bluegrass music show that my grandparents watch every Saturday evening.
Today was a not so good day, I may even go as far to say it was terrible, which is a quite a stretch for me. Nothing went how I planned at all, even my second plan and my third plan. But I totally got a knock in the head from it.

"For I know the plans I have for you..."

To start the day off, I usually drive to Mitchell in the morning for my Reliv training...well it was cancelled, but I was still going to take the day for myself because I usually get my Saturday since I go to the meeting. So I was planning to leave about the same time 8:30am and go to a coffee shop to read my bible, do some journaling, and finish a letter to my sister. Then meet up with one of my friends to discuss some bible question before he went to work. Then I was planning o go lap swimming as usual and maybe go to a movie. Also, my plan was to shop some new shoes. But my plan totally got changed when I went out into the freeing morning to start my car and get it warmed wouldn't start. I called my dad (6:30am his time, oops, sorry dad) and he said to get a heater, but we didn't have one so then to try starter fluid on the carburetor, that didn't work either. My car would turn over, but it just wouldn't start. I waited an hour for it to get warmer outside and tied again with no avail. So, Gma and Gpa said i could take their car, yay! But that plan didn't work either. I couldn't even get out of the driveway because their car it only two-wheel drive and we had like 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground. So I spend half an hour shoveling to drive to get the car back into the garage.

"...plans to prosper you and not to harm you..." I planned to wait until the afternoon and it would probably start then. I would still at least have an afternoon for a swim and a movie. That dang car still would not started. I was desperate to go. (You may think I am being selfish for wanting to get away. I always look forward to my Saturdays after being on the farm the whole week. People think that its so honorable of me for taking care of my grandparents, but it is hard you guys, in many different ways then one, but that is another post for another time.) Well my car finally started at 3:30pm. yay! But wait, this was not part of my plan...the check engine light wouldn't go off. Dang it! I called my dad and he said to shut off the car right away cuz if something was wrong with the engine it would ruin it. I had had it running for 15 minutes already to get the battery charged up a bit. So I had to wait for it to cool off again before I could check the oil and the radiator, etc. to try to figure out what was wrong, but everything checked out good. My dad said I shouldn't drive it until we make sure what it wrong. We called a mechanic and he said to put it in the garage and let it warm up and the light might go off. So I waited another hour and my final plan was to hope the light would go off and then I would drive to town and go bowling with some friends. It didn't go off.

"...plans to give you hope and a future." I sit listening/watching this bluegrass show instead of in town having fun with the plan I had. God totally gave me a knock in the head though...while I was struggling, absolutely determined to have my way, some way. And I never got it. Although this was just one day and seems not such a big deal it really taught me a lesson. First of all my plans for the next few months and this summer had been so set to me, but things have been coming up that they might change. So just this one little instance really hit me and I realize that no matter how carefully I plan, it can change and might not be what I want or expect. I guess I always knew this, but it was good to be reminded even thought it was a bit of a struggle. Wow, God, You are forever faithful!

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  1. wow, that must have been so frustrating. I know what it feels like to be trapped when you want to do things...

    I love you, Rakel! hang in there