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oh my goodness

well i decide to write a post about what i have been doing for a change instead of all the grey areas i've been thinking about! Lol.
Yesterday I took both my Grandparents to there appointments at the Kimball clinic and afterwards we went to Doo-Wah Ditty's for lunch like always :) A cheeseburger and a strawberry milkshake is the best lunch and sometimes a cup of soup if I'm especially hungry. My Gpa has been doing so well. He went to town without his walker this time and just used his cane. He hasn't been without his walker since I first came here in September!
When we got back to the farm he wanted to drive me up to the dam so I should go ice skating. We had to take the truck since t get there you drive through the field. Well the truck was we got in the car to drive up to the shop to get the battery charger. Well I was driving and there was only like 6 inches of hard snow on the ground to get up there I drove through it so I could pull right up to the door for Gpa. Unfortunately, it got stuck (it is the lamest car...i ran off the road with it a few months ago). So I tried with no luck to move it forward of backwards. So we got out and walk the 25 ft. to the shop. Gpa didn't have his walker or cane so i walked with him.

Well we got into the shop the battery wasn't in there so it must be in the shed. We decided to drive the four-wheeler over there to get it since the car was stuck. BUT it was dead too! Geez! So back to the took about 20 minutes. Gpa behind the wheel and me dumping gravel, shoveling away ice, and pushing it out. Finally we got it and drove over to the shed grabbed the battery and headed back to the garage to charge the truck battery up.

I've never hooked up jumper cables before and Gpas hand are too weak to do it so he told me where to hook it up but was unsure and couldn't get it on the other part :S ahhh. So we went inside to call our neighbor Edgar to come over and he saved the day. So I never went ice skating and was late making supper, i broke a dish, and late driving to town for my reliv meeting which was cancelled anyways once I got there! So you would think I'd be tired. but once again wasn't able to fall asleep until 3am!

Today, me and Gpa drove the charged up truck up to the shop and attempted to hook up the charger to the four-wheeler. I hooked it up...but was skeptical as to if it was right because Gpa didn't know last time. He handed me the cord to plug in and I was holding my breath praying "God don't let this blow up" it didn't and we'll see if it'll be charged up tomorrow or not.

I had a follow-up call that went longer then usual. and hadn't started supper yet..had no idea what to make either. Now you have to understand I have to have supper on the table at 6o'clock on the dot, because Gpa will come and sit at the table wet her its ready or not :S

I finally decided to make pancakes and it was 5:45. I started putting ingredients in the bowl 5 eggs one and one half cup of milk 6 T melted butter. it wasn't until I got to the 5 cups of buttermilk and 5 cups of flour that I realized what I had done. I didn't even have room for all those ingredient in the mixing bowl!!! DANG IT! It was 5:57 and I was freaking out.
I quickly took out half of the liquid and half of the dry ingredients and just mixed that up. Then I had problems warming the skillet up on the stove :S
Sure enough my Gpa came in at 6 and sat down at the table, took his blood sugar, then sat there waiting lol I didn't even have the table set yet and my pancakes were burning! :P I will spare you all the details...after we finish eating we let Ellie the dog clean of our plates. So i set my syrupy plate on the floor for her to clean...that darn dog didn't touch it. Well I forgot it was there and started cleaning the kitchen and stepped my barefoot right in the syrup! The plate stuck to my foot and i took a step with it stuck there! You can laugh but I didn't think it was funny. I guess now though ahahaha.
I cleaned up then I made a cherry-blueberry pie...that turned out perfect at least I have something to smile about tonight. :)
Bebo Norman/Jeremy Camp concert tomorrow YAHOO!!!


  1. wow! sounds like murphy's law to me!

  2. yeah no kidding...coulda been worse though lol

  3. How exciting! Haha. That must have been fun to write, at least. :D

  4. ha ha ha ha!!! im sorry, but that is funny! haahahahaha!! wow what a day! dont have another one like that too soon for your own!