Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


God loves, today, and forever

Tenth Avenue North's album Over and Underneath have been my comfort and sustaining me this past week. Just the words...God loves me, He always has and always will. No matter what I have done and what I will do. He will always love me.
So this is all the songs and my favorite part of the lyrics...

Love is Here
Love is here
Love is now
Love is pouring from
His hands, from his brows
Love is near, it satisfies
Streams of mercy flowing from his side

Lift Us Up to Fall
Waiting for you God
With our hopes and fears
We come empty hands held out
Lord draw us near
Heal these broken hearts
And lift us up to fall before everything you are

By Your Side
Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching as if I'm not enough

Let it Go
You say you will be, everything I need
You said if I lose my life it's then I'll find my soul
You say let it go.

Break Me Down
I'm Yours, You can break me down
Break through these walls I hide behind

Hold My Heart
So many questions without answers
Your promises remain
I can't see but I'll take my chances
To hear You call my name

One tear in the dropping rain
One voice in a sea of pain
Could the Maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breaking heart
One life is all I amRight now, I can barely stand
If You're everything You say You are
Would You come close and hold my heart

well my love is over,
its underneathits inside,
its in between,these times you're healing
and when your heart breaks
the times that you feel like you've fallen from grace
the times you're hurting
the times that you heal

Love of my life
Look deep in my eyes
There you will find what you need
Give me your lifeLust and the lies
The past you're afraid I might see
You've been running away from me

You're my beloved
Lover I'm yours
Death shall not part us
It's you I died for
For better or worse
Forever we'll be
Our Love it unites us
It binds you to me
It's a mystery

You Are
I give You all of me for all You are
Here I am
Take me apart
Take me apart

Satisfy me Lord, oh oh
Satisfy me Lord, oh oh
I'm begging You, to help me see
You're all I want, You're all I need
Oh, satisfy me Lord

Well I'm falling to my knees.
I feel the earth beneath
With the weight of my sin, and this crushing unbelief
Could You really love me with all that I've done,
oh Lord

I'm a shipwreck a sailor lost at sea
You're a tidal waveand You're crashing over me
Caught in your current and I'm sinking
But drowning peacefully

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  1. Rachel! I've been listening to this album recently too. Good lyrics!