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Shopping Fun!

A day of shopping and with friends! What more to ask for? lol! Dresses at Ross! Whata deal!
Also, the dressing room was featuring a one time deal. Listen to the enchanting voice of Megan singing celtic lyrics while you try on clothes. After that she then offers her advice on the last fashion and what suits you!!!

Nice flip flops!

Okay now maybe you're wondering about the last few pictures...well didn't you know, this is the latest style! duh! lol! j/k. it's fun anyway!

Marika, you're so beautiful!

"oh, I wonder what these are?"

"I know...take that!"

After a long day we kicked back and had a refreshing glass of lemonade! heeheehee:)


  1. lol! these pictues are so embarrassing!! ..but i love them!

  2. What?!? You think there embarrassing?!?!!! I think their the best ever! Wait 'til you see what I have in store for these pics! Heeheehee! :)