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Taken for Granted

My mom told me about this couple that went to Haiti. They were with someone who fed the children there from a nutrition company that supported him with the donations from people with their product. They couldn't believe the conditions that they saw there, but the children were ignorant of anything else except the life they knew. The children were happy and playing, but when they saw this couple they ran away. The couple then turned and asked the man they were with what happened. Were the children scared of them? But no. They were back after a few moments with their cup which they would receive their food in. The man had a big pot which he would mix 2 cans of the nutrition with water in it and dish it out into these children's cups. After the pot was empty he couldn't make anymore because he had to save the next 2 cans for tomorrow. But there was still 20 children in line eagerly waiting. The couple asked what about the other children. The man said, "there is no more"...but he paused and added, "you can be sure that these children will be first in line tomorrow."

This made me think, as I often do, about everything we have in this country, everything we take for granted...we are so blessed. My heart goes out to children like this and asks what can I do to help. What do you think?


  1. Hmm, I don't know what the best thing to do to help is...
    Donate money I guess somehow. This kind of thing is happening all over the there are many ways to help probably.
    Different mission organizations..donate money to, or volunteet at. I know there is a new mission organization that has been started in Leavenworth for orphans in India and I would like to find out how to get involved too.

  2. Yeah I know about that mission in Leavenworth because the person that is involed in it comes to our church occasionally. I haven't talked to her yet though.