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Air-Soft War!

I had so much fun on Sunday! Next on the list is a paintball war! Yeah! It was a great time up in the hills of Dryden! lol!
The gang! Oh yeah was this fun...running around shooting eachother with little plastic bb's, but having one heck of a fun day! :)

Devan and Kristen

Me and Muffin!
After a war way up in the hills, (miles away from anything! j/k!) Me, Devan, Jesse, Daniel, Rachel T. and me got sort of lost, but of course we had the reassurance of the guys, (who wouldn't stop for directions, lol) but us girls weren't too worried...

Didn't really get any action pictures, but Kristen did get some intense act of us "slaying" the boys in the chicken coop! Watch out!

Prepare to die! This is as probably as close to action as your gonna see!

Thanks for the pics Devan!

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