Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.



I have been thinking allot about the Campus Massacre in VA...I just can't seem to grasp my inner thoughts, I'm not sure what to think about it. How can a single human being be so heartless? What did someone do to him that brought on the murdering of so many young people? Young people like me! Who had their whole life ahead of them, so many dreams and plans, just like I have! And they were taken away by the pull of a trigger! I can't even imagine the utter pain the friends and family are feeling right now! I've only felt a slice of that grief, but not as intense as them! I pray to God to bring peace to their hearts and comfort to their pain. I pray that this would bring them closer to God and that there would be no bitterness. Why did this happen? Why does anything like this ever happen?
God's will be done...if storms didn't come into our lives, when could He show His comfort. As John Piper says in his book The Passion of Jesus Christ, "Every act of treachery and brutality against Jesus was sinful and evil. But God was in it." And, "There was no greater sin than to hate and kill the Son of God. There was no greater suffering nor any greater innocence than the suffering and innocence of Christ. Yet God was in it all." I do trust God even though in times like this it is hard and sometimes confusing. When things so evil as what happened at VA Tech happen...God is in it, He is near! And I guess I can take comfort in that.

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  1. Totally! And to me this has been a call forward. I think what drives people to do such things is a lack of love and too much pride all mixed together. As far as love goes, God can use us! Sometimes I wonder if that's not all that shooter needed as a child...just a little more love and someone to put value on his life. Who knows you said...only God.