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Have a cup of coffee, say you went to church...

This is something that I was going to blog about awhile ago, but didn't. After church yesterday and hearing Pastor Josh go over the foundations of our church, thought I'd write my thoughts out. I went to a church with my Grandma and Aunt in MN last fall. I think it was non-denominational, but anyways walking in to the church was interesting. Now I'm not judging in any way, but when I walked in the first thing that came to mind was that this didn't feel like a church at all. I looked around and I see a coffee shop and tables surrounding. They had a lounge area where people were relaxing on couches and there was a big screen TV in the wall that had the video of the worship and service. People didn't even have to go into the sanctuary! When we got into the sanctuary apparently had missed the memo that it was jersey day so practically everyone was wearing a sport jersey of the favorite team. The worship felt like we were at a rock concert and should be screaming at the musicians and have all focus on them instead of worshiping God. I don't remember much else, but just left with an impression that Josh's words brought back to my mind again.
Just how churches are trying to come up with all these great programs and activities and ideas to get people and kids interested in coming to church. But really that is not what the church should be...the church should be sending people out to share the gospel. Basically working on the inside to send the gospel out that would bring people into the church. Church is about fellowship with the body of Christ and encouraging fellow believers. Preaching of the gospel and to share that with sinners. Anyhow, Josh said it a better way and this is my lame attempt. But really, I think there should be more to just going to have a cup of coffee and saying you went to church.

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