Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


Everafter Wisdom

Henry: Do you really think there is only one perfect mate?
Leonardo da Vinci: As a matter of fact, I do.
Henry: Well then how can you be certain to find them? And if you do find them, are they really the one for you or do you only think they are? And what happens if the person you're supposed to be with never appears, or, or she does, but you're too distracted to notice?
Leonardo da Vinci: You learn to pay attention.
Henry: Then let's say God puts two people on Earth and they are lucky enough to find one another. But one of them gets hit by lightning. Well then what? Is that it? Or, perchance, you meet someone new and marry all over again. Is that the lady you're supposed to be with or was it the first? And if so, when the two of them were walking side by side were they both the one for you and you just happened to meet the first one first or, was the second one supposed to be first? And is everything just chance or are some things meant to be?
My thoughts:  Do I believe that there is only two people that are right for each other? It seems nice to think that way, for once someone gets married I'm sure they think that they had found the perfect one. But what about deaths....and in this day and age, divorces? Does God really create two people who are perfect for eachother? If so, then what happens if you marry the wrong person?
When I was younger I grew up always thinking that there was only the one perfect guy for me and it was just a matter of time until God brought us together, and until then I was to strive to glorify Christ with my single years until I met my prince charming. Now my thinking has changed. Of the few relationships I've been in only the recent one seemed to be flatter my mind that I had found the ONE! Doubts that kept coming up I just keep pushing aside...until finally within the span of a week God really made it startlingly clear to me that he wasn't the ONE. My mindset has changed now and I'm now at a point where...of undecided. Haha, sorry to not  answer directly. It seems nice to think that the is one right person out there for everybody, but some people think the opposite, that there isn't a right person out there, just have to find someone who you can't live without. So I don't know what to think and I fell like I'm rambling on. I do, but I don't think that there is only one perfect mate.
But what I do know is what is essential for the guy I marry to have:
  • a man of God striving to glorify and magnify Christ in all things
  • a man who challenges me in my faith and encourages me
  • a man who cherishes and adores me
  • a man who I respect
  • a man who's values and convictions align closely to mine (for example: a heart for mission work and Reliv)
And then not so essential, but nice to have:
  • sweet guitar playing skills
  • can go from country boy to finer things in one day
  • likes concerts and art museums 
  • likes to travel
  • experience in hiking/camping/backpacking
  • likes dancing
So...thats all I got for now!


  1. Another one you might consider adding to the list: A man who you respect.

    The Bible says wives should respect their husbands...make sure you get a guy you really respect and look up to. Cuz it's hard to force yourself to respect someone, when you don't! :P

    Question: so your guy has to do Reliv?

  2. That's a good one Marika! I will add that, I saw what you wrote about respect on your blog...that is essential!
    He doesn't HAVE to do Reliv with me (that would be great though to be able to stay at home working everyday with the love of my life and not be at home apart from him just waiting for him to come home all the time) he just needs to see the vision I see in it, to support me and encourage me in it...if he has already found a work that is his passion that God wants him ti do then great! But I don't want it to be a conflict and i don't want to be alone in doing it...there is so many wives that I've met that just are alone in it, I don't want that for me :)