Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.


I can't believe I have already been home for a week and a half! I've been having such a great time though! It is a little hard for me to think that I will be back in SD I won't think about it.
It already Christmas! It is weird because last year I was in SD at this time and mow it is the opposite. I find myself saying Yes I go back 'home' January 5th. But SD is not my home. The first week I was home in WA I didn't want to go back to SD at all, I think because of all that had happened when i left. But now I do want to return, idk why. I love it here and don't think I could ever live in SD. I am thinking that I will drive here to WA once the snow is melted, but what will I do? I have a summer job for sure, but no plan til then. I have been praying about doing reliv, but I don't' have enough money right now.
I have so much running through my head.
I have forgiven the people that hurt me in SD. It was such an amazing feeling when it happened. Sunday night at church, they were talking about Jesus coming as the Light and then how we are now to be a light for Him. And I just thought I'm not really being a light if I don't forgive them. I hadn't really been angry at them, just hurt. I didn't realize that I needed to forgive them. But I still hurts though, but the pain will go away with prayer and time, it has before.

God, what do you have for me in these next few months? Be near me.

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