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Cashmere vs. UVST

And we pulled off a win! Since the beginning of the swim team season I had been dreading/excited for this meet. I wanted to win so badly...just because of all the strive we dealt with Elizabeth at the pool last year...then UVST (aka Upper Valley Swim Team) didn't hire me back....and THEN she ended up coaching! I mean seriously! At the beginning of the meet all my swimmers from last year were like "why didn't you coach us?" traitor, why are you at Cashmere?" I probably explained over 20 times that Leavenworth didn't hire me back and Cashmere did. Some of the kids said they missed me. But I'm at Cashmere now and there is no going back! Depending on what happens when I get back from Africa I am definitely going to coach Cashmere again next summer :)
Anyways, we won quality score Cashmere 3.9 and UVST 3.2!!! And we got only 12 disqualifications! I'd say that is pretty good considering we got over 40 the first meet lol.
I was so so so happy when we won, God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good! :)

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  1. Wow! Only a .7 difference in score, I don't think anyone could have predicted that! :P ahaha. I knew you could do it Coach Young! Job well done! :) Now go out there and win those championships! (And get those DQ's under double digits :P

    Go Cashmere Go!