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I'm so tired. . .

Today I found out that my dad might be getting laid off from his job. It hurts my heart so much to see my dad who is working so hard told that he isn't working hard enough. I feel some resentment towards them because they don't even give him a reasonable amount of days to finish the reports in the first place. They just expect a person to be a machine and have everything perfect in so little amount of time!?!?! It is so frustrating! They even told him that he wasn't doing a good job earlier in the fall, that made him work even harder and harder and get more and more stressed out.
I can't even begin to put into words how much I love my dad and all the hard work he does in providing for this family. I know I probably can never fully grasp the big responsibility guys have in providing for their loved ones.
I don't know what to do. It is sometimes hard to be the encouraging daughter to someone who becomes down and stressed, especially since I look up to him so much. I long and desire to help and be that loving encouragement, but am not sure how.
I've prayed so hard for so long and will continue doing so. I don't understand why this is happening again for the third time since we are living here, but I trust that God has something to teach us.
It hurts to see him so discouraged sometimes though, and I'm not really sure how to say anything.
One other thing happened today, it hurt my heart extremely and I cried, but God is so amazing...He lead me and showed me what to do, and it has been encouraging for me to know He will lead my family in this time of uncertainty.

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