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Yesterdays With You

I really like this poem...

Yesterdays With You
Today is blessed indeed-
Yet it is but a day;
I, in my friendly greed,
Hide memories away.
And that is why I say
I would old times were new,
Then I would trade Today
For Yesterdays with you.

Old friend, the dreams we had!
The songs we loved to hear!
Half gladly and half sad
Today they linger near.
Wherever I may go,
Whatever I may do,
They have a luring glow-
Those Yesterdays with you.

The waking world at dawn,
When glory pearled the skies-
The roads that lured us on
With goals that charmed our eyes;
The twilight with its hush
When bird calls faltered through-
What recollections rush
From Yesterdays with you!

Tomorrows reach away,
The world is very wide,
The Task-man of Today
Will never be denied,
But in the ruck and stress
Their skies gleam ever blue,
They quiet me, and bless-
My Yesterdays with you.

With memory’s magic art
I make Time thread its way
Down highways of the heart
To each fair yesterday-
And that is why I pray
Old times may be made new,
For I would trade Today
Fir Yesterdays with you.
By:Wilbur D. Nesbit


  1. where did you find this poem? I like it too.

  2. I would trade anything for "fir yesterdays with you"! :D

  3. hey rachel did you get the layers stuff yet?