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Sexual Content...No Thanks!

I go to the movie store to rent a movie and the first thing I do is check what it is rated and why. I pick up a movie and glance at the back: rated PG-13 for language and sexual content. The next one: rated PG-13 for crude humor and sexual references. I look at the next one and the next one: rated for sexuality, nudity, sensuality, innuendo, some sex, strong sexual content; it was all over. Finally after a long period of time I select a decent movie. Driving home I wonder why is it that most of these movies have sexual content in them. Do people like watching inappropriate scenes on the television? People should not be watching this; sexual content shouldn’t even be available to watch. A crude remark about sex or a scene of sexuality can spoil a decent movie or TV show. Movies and public television should not have sexuality in their content.

What happened to the clean family movies and the old TV shows? What was wrong with them? Why do recent movies and TV have all of this filth in them? Family movies are now even starting to be corrupted with a crude sexual remark or passionate kissing. The TV screen that showed married couples in separate beds is now showing unmarried couples engaging in sex. What is happening to our media!? People want to watch this! That is why it is being aired more and more. Although I don’t have cable TV, I have seen what immorality is aired on it, and I do not like it. I feel uncomfortable watching it! There is nothing wrong with having a TV to watch movies and the news. Since television and movies are so corrupted by sexual content, people just need to choose wisely what they will watch and not allow the bad stuff to affect their lives.

Watching sexual content has a big influence on the public, and it doesn’t have a good impact on people’s lives. When one watches two people engage in sexual actions on TV it seems to portray that sex is spontaneous, romantic, and risk-free. This should not be a source of information that young teens should receive about sex, because it doesn’t show the commitment and the consequences. For example, a young unmarried couple declare there love for one another, have sex, and live happily ever after, as we see it on the television. The episode that is concealed is when the girl becomes pregnant and her boyfriend dumps her, or the emptiness and loneliness either one could feel after giving a part of them selves away sexually. What is worse is that small children are exposed to sexual content. I do not think parents would want their child watching these kinds of images on television. There might be no stopping kids from seeing this if they have a television in their home.

The result of watching sexual content can be very consequential. Including scenes of sex and sexual humor is having a negative affect on young teens. It encourages them to engages in sexual activity to young and have actual sex to soon. The consequences of this could be in an unwanted pregnancy, or a killing disease. It can also harm any future relationship between a husband and wife. Giving away the gift of purity before marriage can and will be hurtful and create a very deep wound.

Does it matter? It should. Watching sexual content is not only unhealthy for the mind, but also can lead to stupid actions one could take from watching it. If people are not interested in movies that portray sexual content in an inappropriate or irresponsible way, then they should not support it by watching them, which sends the messages that they want more. Having no sexual content in a movie or on TV could be a rewarding thing. If no one would watch it anymore, then it won’t be in the content of our media anymore. Moreover, if sexuality were not in the content of movies or television then people would not be influenced by it. So, if I pick up a movie with sexual content in it, no thanks!

(I don't remember what grade I got on this essay, but I believe the message is very important!)


  1. yeah, idk, i've kinda been thinking about this...I feel like movies should depict real life (like serious movies), but not explicitly sexual...what I hate most is when they show an explicit sexual scene and then the outcome is NOT the way it would be in real life at when they don't show the consequences of "free love" and present it like that's the best way to live. meh!